Hi. This is my first blog post and I wanted the first encounter between us to be a virtual warm welcome and of course a big thank you for stopping by.

Some of us, the lucky ones I guess, eventually hit a point in our lives where we expect more, whether that be more from ourselves, more out of life, more enjoyment, more manifestations, more purpose, more fulfilment, more vitality, more love and laughter or simply more control over the direction of our lives. These people, you and me, are the new generation of spiritual seekers or those already converted. And even though we each have different reasons to seek for more, the path to discover the answers is the same for all. We must raise our vibes, so that we can close the gap between who we think we are and who we really are, so that we can create spiritual alignment, because it’s here that we can find every answer to every desire we ever hold.

My own spiritual journey didn’t start out by seeking spiritual alignment. In fact I had my first spiritual encounter before I even knew that there was such a thing. I wasn’t even spiritually curious. But this encounter was such a wonderful moment for me, that brought such wonderful feelings that I needed to know more. So I read a few books to help create some answers. Then I had a second spiritual encounter, but this time the joyous feelings were so intense it left me with a strong desire for others to experience the same. But again I didn’t know how I had created this. And so that’s where the journey of my spiritual studies began.I needed answers to some very broad questions: what was it that I had experienced and how could I re-create these moments for myself and anyone else that may be interested too?

And that brings us to here, my website, which I’ve created as a means to share the daily practices and principles that I’ve adopted over the years that have helped me to create what I call a ‘high vibe state of mind’ a perspective and focus that lifts my mood and energy and inspires happiness and confidence. I truly hope that by sharing my practise I’m able to inspire you to create your own too.

However your practice transpires, my wish for you is to increase your spiritual connection so that you can know yourself from a confident, passionate, fun and purposeful perspective, so that you can start your day eager, energised and inspired and to work with your inner guidance so that you can create and focus and direct your life in any which way you desire.

Lets have fun!